From Concept To Reality: Our All-In-One Service Portfolio

Design Services

Our experienced team of designers is dedicated to creating innovative and visually appealing designs that resonate with your target market. We offer a comprehensive range of design services and with our expertise, ensure that your product is not only aesthetically pleasing but also practical to produce.

Tooling & Production Set-Up Services

We offer comprehensive tooling and production setup services to optimize your manufacturing processes. Our production setup services ensure a seamless transition from prototyping to high-volume production, streamlining your manufacturing operations and maximizing efficiency.

Production Integration & Manufacturing Services

From plastic injection molding and metal die casting to PCB assembly and beyond, we deliver high-quality and efficient manufacturing solutions. Our expertise spans a diverse range of industries, ensuring that your products are produced to the highest standards.

Fulfillment Services

Our robust fulfillment services ensure seamless order processing and delivery.  Whether it’s web-sale end-customer fulfillment or EDI fulfillment for big-box retailers, our services provide a streamlined logistics experience. 

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