Consumer Product Designs

FruitFracker Fruit Slicer

 The FruitFracker’s sleek design and hard-shell body allows the user to cut and slice 8 wedges of fruit without ever having to touch a knife. 

BeeSafe Drink Cover

BeeSafe goes on your bottle when drinking outdoors, and prevents bees and other insects from getting inside of your drink. 

Ballet Foot Stretcher

The Foot Stretcher accessory complements and encases the TurnBoard PRO.  It was designed to safely stretch the dancer’s foot for proper ballet form while also providing a convenient storage option for TurnBoard products.  It includes a plastic fulcrum rocker body, extension arm, and mounting brackets.  A durable silicone sleeve slides over the end where the user’s foot fits snuggly against the base.

TurnBoard PRO

The TurnBoard PRO enables dancers to practice and gain more control of their turning skills.  It is made up of a curved nylon plastic base, a neoprene cushion pad, and a built-in module, which connects to the user’s iOS device via Bluetooth and offers tracking and feedback to the user.

TCG Grading Card Slab

After DCI grades a mint condition trading card, they sonic weld it into this protective slab.

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