Medical Products

HR Pharmaceuticals, Inc. – Acclimate

The Acclimate unit is used for warming pouch-style packaged ultrasound gel.  It is designed to a reach and maintain a safe temperature as well as allow comfortable application for the patient.  The Acclimate unit is intended to be an individual, personal use type product to benefit ultrasound clinics and/or technicians.  This unit has been UL tested and certified.

Each unit contains two heating chambers that are wrapped in specially constructed foam insulation and are tucked snuggly into place.  The internal heat sensors connected to the board communicate effortlessly with the front power button.  The front power button also serves as an indicator light to signal if the unit is heating or has reached the proper temperature.  A built-in DC jack hides neatly in the back where the provided power supply plugs in.  The adaptor has interchangeable blades for compatibility with US/CA, UK, and EU plugs.  The unit has rubber feet to prevent unnecessary countertop movement as well as a wall mountable option.

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