Medical Product Designs

G.O. Kart Portable Gaming Station

Designed for a hospital environment, the Gamers Outreach (GO) Kart utilizes medical-grade equipment and plastics that are sanitation friendly.  These portable gaming stations were created to provide a recreational coping mechanism for children who are unable to leave their hospital rooms.  Each cart contains a security tray to hold a gaming console, controllers, games, a medical power strip, and a mounted monitor. The base of the cart has a built-in actuator connected to a rocker switch to adjust the tray as needed.  

Acclimate Ultra Sound Gel Warmer

The Acclimate unit is used for warming pouch-style packaged ultrasound gel.  It is designed to a reach and maintain a safe temperature as well as allow comfortable application for the patient.  The Acclimate unit is intended to be an individual, personal use type product to benefit ultrasound clinics and/or technicians.  This unit has been UL tested and certified.

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